SENx Class

A simple class that manages the security environment used for SENx.

public class SENx


There are no constructors for the SENx class.


DefaultCurveReturns a string with the default Elliptic Curve used by SENx. Though many elliptic curve names are supported, secp384r1 is use by default if not specified.
IsInitializedReturns true if the SENx library has been initialized.


🔹Initialize()Initializes the SENx library and all prepares the internal cryptographic services for encryption and decryption functions.
🔹Cleanup()Cleans up the resources initialized during the Initialize() function.
🔹GetVersion()Returns a string showing the library version, build date and other platform specific information.
🔹CreateKeyFiles(string curveName, string privateKey, string publicKey)Generates a public/private key-pair using the specified curve and writes the private and public keys to output files in the PEM format.

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