Activity Monitor

The activity monitor shows the current status of your ERIS installation.

When you first login to ERIS, you will be automatically be directed to the Activity Monitor screen. Here, you will see all current transactions in progress, connectivity status, and overall use of the system channels.


The following section describes the areas of the Activity Monitor screen.

Total JobsTotal number of jobs that ERIS is actively processing. These include all jobs that are waiting to be processed as well as those already in progress.
PendingTotal jobs that are waiting to be processed.
On HoldTotal jobs that have been placed on hold for delayed processing, such as events waiting for a dial retry period to elapse.
In ProgressTotal jobs that are actively being delivered and monitored on a delivery channel. The example above shows 1 of 4 channels active.
Outbound TransactionsAll jobs are shown in a scrolling list indicating when the job was scheduled, the current status, dial number, and other brief information.
Status IndicatorThe network status indicator will indicate Online or Offline showing your connection state to the etherFAX network.