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Time Date Stamp on Header

We are receiving faxes with no time date stamp. What controls this function?

Retry Print

We are running multiple instances of ERIS in a Docker to define the outbound DID. We have various routes (incoming DIDs) defined on each instance (duplicating so any instance can receive a fax and process appropriately), one of which is to a remote printer. Most of the time, it prints fine, but sometimes it doesn't. Is there an option to retry printing after, say, 2 minutes?

Routes to network folder location

Hello, We currently have RightFax dropping incoming faxes into a network location. However, as part of the path, RightFax is using macros in place of directory names to create a new folder daily with the date as the folder name ((eg ~3 ~5, ~4 would be MM-DD-YYYY). Is there a way to do this with ERIS as well?

What is the max FaxImage size allowed?

When attaching a faximage, what is the max file size allowed?

Cover Page not showing in faxed document

Hi, Using etherfax client i'm sending a sendfax object with a CoverPageParams values, but the coverpage message is not showing on the faxed document. I would appreciate the help. Thanks

On-Premise Fax/Printer

Is there a Primary Server Address sip address that can be used in order to enable an e-fax from an on-premise Fax/Printer? I have a Grandstream HT814 that allows a profile setup that I was using with another cloud based phone system, but MS Teams doesn't have the same setup. So I'm hoping to be able to utilize DirectFax app in Teams, but still need access to the local machine. To do that I need a sip address to point to for authentication. I need to verify this before purchase.

pdf , tiff media type not supported??

Hi, I'm trying to send fax via rest api using httpclient, but i'm getting this response back When i try to send a pdf file I get this error: The request entity's media type 'application/pdf' is not supported for this resource. When I try to send a tiff file I get this error: The request entity's media type 'image/tiff' is not supported for this resource. here's what our account shows: "AcceptedFormats": [ "image/tiff" ], Would appreciate any help. Thanks

Calling EtherFax method such as GetFaxAccount from a web service returns null

Hi, EtherFax API calls/invocations from a windows console application and web forms works as expected, but the same returns null for any API method call made. Have used same APIKey for all 3 test applications. Is there any constraint/issue to using EtherFax from a web service? Thanks

sending Multiple documents in a single fax.

Is there any way we can send multiple documents in a single fax using etherfax api. I have couple of documents with different byte[] . I want to send all documents in single sendfax call, as it needs to be received by user as a single fax. Is there anyway to do that in the API?

Is there a way to simulate an incoming fax?

We're switching our app dev from the REST Api directly to the .Net Client. Up to now, we've been sending actual faxes to do unit testing or for development, but we'd like to start doing som more automated testing and load testing. Is there an easy way to simulate receiving faxes, preferably lots of them, without having to actually send a fax?