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Open API Specification (OAS)?

Does etherFAX make available to developers, an Open API Specification (OAS) such as Swagger for providing interfacing into the APIs? This would be a real time-saver for developers on systems such as Salesforce that ingest those, produce the necessary classes, methods, and interfaces for components such as Workflow. Just curious... -----Jim

Production/Development Parallel Queue Processing?

Does etherFAX have an internal mechanism that can take an incoming fax, duplicate it, and then send it on while routing the duplicated fax into another queue...in this case a developmental account for testing purposes? We receive 200-300 faxes a day of various types and would like to run parallel with our production lines... In advance, thanks!

Noobie Question #2: API /inbox(list) Returns Empty Array

Okay, etherFAX Developer Community: another Noobie question for everyone so, please go easy on me ;) We resolved the preceding "Noob Question #1" by having etherFAX create a new Service ID for calling the REST APIs which, we validate by leveraging the /account method returning our configuration settings. Now, I am invoking the /inbox(list) API with a count=0 (all unread faxes): ``` https://na.connect.etherfax.net/rest/3.0/api/inbox?a=list&count=0 ``` ...which correctly authenticates: ``` System.HttpResponse[Status=OK, StatusCode=200] ``` ...but, when providing a count=0 should return a listing of all unread faxes but instead returns an empty array: ``` [202]|DEBUG|[ETHERFAX000003I] -> strHTTPResponseBody=[] ``` I previously faxed a 16-page test document to myself and I see it sitting in my queue waiting for download...please help me to learn and understand why the API does not return a listing of at least that pending document...am I missing something? Thanks for all the help in advance! -----James Kepler, PenServ Plan Services

Noobie Question: Authentican Failure

Sorry for being a noobie here, have a question: Connecting our Salesforce Org to etherFax via the REST API...first, we reach out to the base endpoint to see if the port is alive and get a good response. Next, we authenticate using my credentials BASE64 encoded with a good response of 200. Then, just to start building out I attempt to make a GET to the /accounts at: ``` 08:02:40.1 (200902223)|USER_DEBUG|[209]|DEBUG|[ETHERFAX006I] -> con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT=https://na.connect.etherfax.net/rest/3.0/api/accounts ``` ...adding the Authentication header to which my credentials are denied (401). I also tried the /accounts interactive test snippet in the API Library and it too, denied my credentials. Is there something extra that is required for developers? ``` public static String accounts(Boolean bol_etherFaxDebugFlag) { String accounts = ''; Http http = new Http(); HttpRequest httprequest = new HttpRequest(); httprequest.setMethod('GET'); httprequest.setHeader('Accept','application/json'); httprequest.setHeader('Authorization', str_httpauthorizationHeader); httprequest.setEndpoint(con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT + '/accounts'); if (bol_etherFaxDebugFlag) EtherFaxDebugMessage('006', 'I', 'con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT=' + con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT + '/accounts'); HttpResponse httpresponse = http.send(httprequest); int_HTTPResponseCode = httpresponse.getStatusCode(); ``` Thanks for the help in advance! James Kepler - PenServ Plan Services, Columbia SC

Time Date Stamp on Header

We are receiving faxes with no time date stamp. What controls this function?

Retry Print

We are running multiple instances of ERIS in a Docker to define the outbound DID. We have various routes (incoming DIDs) defined on each instance (duplicating so any instance can receive a fax and process appropriately), one of which is to a remote printer. Most of the time, it prints fine, but sometimes it doesn't. Is there an option to retry printing after, say, 2 minutes?

Routes to network folder location

Hello, We currently have RightFax dropping incoming faxes into a network location. However, as part of the path, RightFax is using macros in place of directory names to create a new folder daily with the date as the folder name ((eg ~3 ~5, ~4 would be MM-DD-YYYY). Is there a way to do this with ERIS as well?

What is the max FaxImage size allowed?

When attaching a faximage, what is the max file size allowed?

Cover Page not showing in faxed document

Hi, Using etherfax client i'm sending a sendfax object with a CoverPageParams values, but the coverpage message is not showing on the faxed document. I would appreciate the help. Thanks

On-Premise Fax/Printer

Is there a Primary Server Address sip address that can be used in order to enable an e-fax from an on-premise Fax/Printer? I have a Grandstream HT814 that allows a profile setup that I was using with another cloud based phone system, but MS Teams doesn't have the same setup. So I'm hoping to be able to utilize DirectFax app in Teams, but still need access to the local machine. To do that I need a sip address to point to for authentication. I need to verify this before purchase.