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Noobie Question #2: API /inbox(list) Returns Empty Array

Okay, etherFAX Developer Community: another Noobie question for everyone so, please go easy on me ;)

We resolved the preceding "Noob Question #1" by having etherFAX create a new Service ID for calling the REST APIs which, we validate by leveraging the /account method returning our configuration settings.

Now, I am invoking the /inbox(list) API with a count=0 (all unread faxes):


...which correctly authenticates:

System.HttpResponse[Status=OK, StatusCode=200]

...but, when providing a count=0 should return a listing of all unread faxes but instead returns an empty array:

[202]|DEBUG|[ETHERFAX000003I] -> strHTTPResponseBody=[]

I previously faxed a 16-page test document to myself and I see it sitting in my queue waiting for download...please help me to learn and understand why the API does not return a listing of at least that pending document...am I missing something?

Thanks for all the help in advance! -----James Kepler, PenServ Plan Services