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Noobie Question: Authentican Failure

Sorry for being a noobie here, have a question:

Connecting our Salesforce Org to etherFax via the REST API...first, we reach out to the base endpoint to see if the port is alive and get a good response. Next, we authenticate using my credentials BASE64 encoded with a good response of 200. Then, just to start building out I attempt to make a GET to the /accounts at:

08:02:40.1 (200902223)|USER_DEBUG|[209]|DEBUG|[ETHERFAX006I] -> con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT=https://na.connect.etherfax.net/rest/3.0/api/accounts

...adding the Authentication header to which my credentials are denied (401). I also tried the /accounts interactive test snippet in the API Library and it too, denied my credentials. Is there something extra that is required for developers?

    public static String accounts(Boolean bol_etherFaxDebugFlag)
    	String accounts  = '';

        Http http = new Http();
        HttpRequest httprequest = new HttpRequest();

        httprequest.setHeader('Authorization', str_httpauthorizationHeader);

        httprequest.setEndpoint(con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT + '/accounts');
        if (bol_etherFaxDebugFlag)
            EtherFaxDebugMessage('006', 'I', 'con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT=' + con_ETHERFAXHTTPAPIENDPOINT + '/accounts');

        HttpResponse httpresponse = http.send(httprequest);

 		int_HTTPResponseCode = httpresponse.getStatusCode();

Thanks for the help in advance!

James Kepler - PenServ Plan Services, Columbia SC