General Settings

General settings for ERIS installation.

The general settings are used to control the network connection to etherFAX, your API Key, and default values used when they are unspecified in job files.



Windows Systems

Please note that the Restart Service button will not be shown on Windows based systems. The Services application should be used to start/stop the ERIS services instead.

Network Communication Settings

Service AddressSpecifies the service address of the etherFAX REST API. All communication to the etherFAX network is handled through an outbound HTTPS connection.
Network TimeoutSpecifies the default network timeout when making API requests.
API KeySpecified the API Key used to authenticate to the etherFAX network service.

Default Values

CSIDSpecifies the default Callws Subscriber Identification for each fax sent. This information appears at the top of the fax header on each page.
Caller-IDSpecifies the default caller ID (phone number) that is dialing the phone line. It is important that you use a valid phone number assigned to your account.
TagSpecifies a default value that will be placed in the Tag field, if unspecified in the job file. Applications use the Tag field to attach transaction-specific information to outbound jobs.
Time ZoneSpecifies the time zone of your ERIS installation.

Information about time zone database information: