EtherFaxClient Class

A full-featured class library that simplifies programming with etherFAX.

public class EtherFaxClient


:small-blue-diamond:EtherFaxClient()Initializes a new instance of the EtherFaxClient class.
:small-blue-diamond:EtherFaxClient(string apikey)Initializes a new instance of the EtheFaxClient class and sets the apikey for authorization.
:small-blue-diamond:EtherFaxClient(string user, string password)Initializes a new instance of the EtherFaxClient class and sets the username and password used for authorization.
:small-blue-diamond:EtherFaxClient(HttpClientHandler handler)Initializes a new instance of the EtherFaxClient class and specifies the HttpClientHandler to be used as a proxy.


LoggerGets/sets the ILogger used for error logging.
ServiceAddressGets/sets the current service base address.
StatusCodeReturns the HTTP status code of the last operation.
TimeoutGets/sets the web client timeout. If unspecified, the default HTTP client timeout is used.
VersionGets/sets the rest API version (the default value is 3).


:small-blue-diamond:GetFax(Guid jobId)
GetFaxAsync(Guid jobId)
Gets (downloads) the specified fax id including the fax image.
Returns information about the current account.
:small-blue-diamond:GetFaxStatus(Guid jobId)
GetFaxStatusAsync(Guid jobId)
Get fax status for single job id.
:small-blue-diamond:GetFaxStatus(List jobIds)
GetFaxStatusAsync(List jobIds)
Get fax status for multiple job ids at once.
:small-blue-diamond:GetNextUnreadFax(bool download)
GetNextUnreadFaxAsync(bool download)
Gets (downloads) the next available fax waiting on the service.
Returns the number of pending faxes for this account.
:small-blue-diamond:GetRouteInfo(string route)
GetRouteInfoAsync(string route)
Returns information for the specified route/number.
Returns the number of unread faxes for this account.
:small-blue-diamond:GetUnreadFaxList(int count)
GetUnreadFaxListAsync(int count)
Returns a list of unread faxes (information only) up to count. If count is 0, all unread faxes are returned.
:small-blue-diamond:SendFax(FaxSend fax)
SendFaxAsync(FaxSend fax)
Sends the fax to the etherFAX service and returns the result to the caller.
:small-blue-diamond:SetCredentials(string apikey)Sets the credentials using an api-key, authorization token.
:small-blue-diamond:SetCredentials(string user, string password)Sets the credentials using a user name + password.
:small-blue-diamond:SetFaxReceived(Guid jobId, FaxResult? result)
SetFaxReceivedAsync(Guid jobId, FaxResult? result)
Sets/marks the specified fax as received, with an optional final status for in-network faxes (SEN).
:small-blue-diamond:SetPublicKey(string pkinfo)
SetPublicKeyAsync(string pkinfo)
Uploads the public key contents (PEM format) to the account.
Starts the push notification listener service.
Stops the push listener and disposes push related resources.