Configure inbound routes and notifications.

The Routes database is used to define custom delivery features for a specified number (or route) as new faxes arrive. You may create, edit/modify and delete routes.

There are 4 main types of route actions that can be defined:

FileSaves the fax to a folder with an attachment (PDF, TIFF).
MailEmails the fax to the specified email address with an attachment (PDF, TIFF).
PrintPrints the received fax/document to the specified printer (PDF, P, PCL, XPS).
ExecLaunches an executable or script defined by the administrator.

When creating or editing a route, the following information is provided:

RouteSpecifies the inbound telephone number/route (the full telephone number should be used).
DescriptionProvides a description for easier identification of the route.
TypeSpecifies the type of route (File, Mail, Print, Exec).
File/Print FormatSpecifies the format of the file (PDF, TIFF), or the supported printer output format (PDF, PS, PCL, XPS).
Paper/FormSpecifies the form that should be selected when printing (Auto, Letter, Legal, A4).
PathSpecifies the network path to the printer. By default, all printing is performed over TCP port 515 (LPR/LPD) directly to your printer. Optionally, you may prefix the path with "ipp:" instructing the print services to use IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) over TCP port 631.
EnableSelect to enable/disable the route.