An introduction to the etherFAX Client library.

The etherFAX Client Library for .NET provides developers with all the tools required to send and receive faxes through the etherFAX network with very little effort. It is a very lightweight wrapper designed around the methods described in the API Reference section of the developer hub.

This library is provided as a NuGet package that can be installed manually or through the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio.

:link: EtherFax.Client NuGet Package

Once you have installed the library, simply obtain an api-key or credentials from your etherFAX sales/support representative and you're ready to start sending and receiving documents!


Thread Safety + Async Methods

The EtherFaxClient is designed for thread safety and may be used in multi-threaded applications without special consideration. All methods in this client may be invoked as blocking or asynchronous operations. Methods that support async operation will have the Async suffix: SendFax() vs SendFaxAsync().

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