Configuring your installation for operation.

Before ERIS can get to work, the installation must be configured with an API key used for authentication. An API key may be obtained from your etherFAX account manager or by visiting your etherFAX portal. Once logged into the etherFAX portal, you may access your API key or generate a new one for your installation.

Once you have your API key, use the General Settings screen to update your installation.

As you make changes to your ERIS installation, all information will be stored in appsettings.json located in your shared application data directory.

Shared Folder Path

PlatformShared Folder Path

Default Windows drive letter C: may differ on your system.

Note that API keys, passwords, and other sensitive information will be encrypted in the appsettings.json file. If you ever need to restore your installation to the initial setup defaults, simply delete the appsettings.json file in the shared folder path and a new one will be initialized automatically once ERIS is restarted.

Shared Folder Structure

After initial startup, your ERIS shared folder contents should look similar to the following:

./appsettings.jsonWorking copy of appsettings.json where all settings and configuration information is stored.
./data/eris.dbDefault SQLite database created by ERIS.
./data/keys/key-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.xmlAuto-generated key file used for protected storage.
./inboxERIS inbox folder for received faxes.
./logs/eris.logERIS rolling log file(s) output folder.
./queueERIS outbound file-drop queue.
./statusERIS outbound status folder.

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