A web-based API for sending, receiving, and managing fax and document delivery through the etherFAX network.

The etherFAX API is a web interface based on REST semantics using simple HTTP GET/POST web operations compatible with many operating systems and programming languages. This interface is provided to all application and fax server partners that wish to integrate fax delivery into their applications and services.

This web API provides access to simple resource controllers. At this time, supported controllers are Accounts, Outbox, Status, Inbox, and Routes. Each resource supports optional parameters within the URI scheme and provides responses in various data formats (JSON, XML, etc.) and simple HTTP status codes.

Web Service Base URL

All requests referenced in this document use the following base URL:


If a simple GET is performed on the root API, the following text will be returned with the remote client's IP address displayed.

etherFAX REST Services 3.0
Your client address is:
Copyright © 2008-2023, etherFAX, LLC

Supported Request Formats

The etherFAX REST API observes the Content-Type value in the HTTP header when performing POST operations (i.e. sending a fax). Supported Content-Type values are:

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • application/json

Supported Response Formats

The etherFAX REST API will provide responses in JSON format by default but may be overridden in the URI parameter list.

  • application/json
  • application/xml

The optional &f parameter may be used to explicitly request JSON or XML responses from the etherFAX web service. If omitted, all responses will be returned in the JSON format.

Date and Time Formats

All date/time values are represented in UTC represented using the RFC3339 format.

Here are some examples of Internet date/time format.


This represents 20 minutes and 50.52 seconds after the 23rd hour of April 12th, 2017 in UTC.