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Is there a way to simulate an incoming fax?

We're switching our app dev from the REST Api directly to the .Net Client. Up to now, we've been sending actual faxes to do unit testing or for development, but we'd like to start doing som more automated testing and load testing. Is there an easy way to simulate receiving faxes, preferably lots of them, without having to actually send a fax?

Fax Status and Retry.

Once the fax gets submitted via the API, and the result is not Success, Error or In Progress, the fax transaction is dead at this point? Say the line is busy, is it up to the client to resend a new request to the API? There is no built in Retry scheme, that needs to be built at the client level? Can you confirm this statement?

Fax to Australia number is not working

I have tried to send fax to Australia number 1300368999 but it is not working. Tried in postman also but not working +611300368999 as a dialnumber.

What would be FaxReuslt value if partial pages sent?

Fax is sent successfully to the destination number, We will get Fax Result value is "0". If Total pages is "20" and after some time in the middle of sending to destination disconnected or some error occurred. Only 10 pages sent to destination. This case Pages Delivered would be "10" and what would be the Fax Result value.

Trying To Call SendFax() Returns EtherFaxResult "Invalid Or Missing File"

Hey There, I am using EtherFax C# library to send Fax and as specified in your document (https://docs.etherfax.net/docs/send-fax) creating a `FaxSend` object and calling `SendFax()` method like below `var fax = new FaxSend() { DialNumber = "8565551234", FaxImage = imageBytes // byte[] of image retrieved from other process }; // begin sending the fax var result = client.SendFax(fax);` But am getting `InvalidOrMissingNumber` enum value for `EtherFaxResult` which per documentation should be `InProgress`. Any idea (Or) suggestion?

Fax Send with invalid number

Scenario: Testing invalid fax number response codes by faxing to the number 5 Expected: 400 status code with message telling me what field is bad and maybe a FaxResult type telling me InvalidOrMissingNumber (or 8) Actual: Receive 500 response with no detail, occasionally a 400 status code is returned but with no detail describing what went wrong. POST https://na.connect.etherfax.net/rest/3.0/api/outbox { "callerId": "1234567890", "dialNumber": "5", "faxImage": BASE_64_FILE_CONTENTS } There is inconsistency between the Http Status Code returned, and would be nice for some details regarding what went wrong.

Cannot login because of two factor authentication

I need to login in to the portal but I can't able to login because of two factor authentication enabled previously. Now I don't have google authenticator app in my mobile but for login i need to enter the code from app.

What does each Fax Result and Fax State Indicate and have a issue with a response

Hi, We are doing a POC to send the Fax using the REST API. But occasionally we are getting the response status code as 0. And can you give a detailed description of each fax state and fax result? Thanks, Vinyas

Push notification for get status for delivery is supported for Java and Android application

Is push notification supported in Java language for Android application.

Request API

Etherfax.Client has "public Task<string> Request(string url, string content = null);" method. I am trying to use it as, string response = await client.Request("https://na.connect.etherfax.net/rest/3.0/api/accounts"); but I am getting null in response. Can you please let me know if this is the correct way to use it? Or is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!